The Moon rules the tides, our emotions and the world of Magick as it honors the Goddess.  The different phases of the moon can amplify energies. The New Moon energizers beginnings and fresh starts.  The Waxing Moon is a time of growth.  The Full Moon brings the full strength of the Moon’s power to your working.  Waning Moons are a time for  banishing.  And the Dark Moon is a time of quiet, or meditation and seeking answers.


Embracing the Moon: A Simple Guide to Lunar Magick

Beneath the silvery glow of the moon a realm of enchantment and deep spiritual connection comes to life. The moon, with Her ever-changing phases, is not only a celestial guide but also a manifestation of the Goddess, embodying divine feminine energy and wisdom. She offers us a sacred pathway to understanding and harnessing the subtle […]

Dark Moon and Liminal Magick

Step into the mystical realm of Dark Moon Magick, where the enigmatic and empowering forces of the cosmos converge. First, let’s clear up a common misconception – the Dark Moon is often mistaken for the New Moon. However, there's a profound difference: while the New Moon marks the appearance of the first slender crescent of […]

Magick of the Full Moon: A Time for Manifestation

Embrace the Enchantment of the Full Moon Under the enchanting glow of the Full Moon, practitioners of magick embrace timeless traditions and symbolism. This celestial dance embodies the divine feminine, with the moon symbolizing illumination, culmination, and the synergy of opposites. Magick under the Full Moon harnesses the moon's peak power, making it an ideal […]

New Moon Magick – Initiate

Embracing the Mystical Power of New Moon Magick Welcome, dear Enchanted Seekers, to another whimsical journey into the world of magick and mysticism! Today, we'll explore the enchanting realm of New Moon Magick, a celestial dance that offers us a unique opportunity to manifest our desires and embrace the magic within. So, grab your broomsticks […]

Harnessing New Moon Magick

Welcome, mystical souls, to the enchanting realm of New Moon Magick! In this delightful journey, we'll be diving into the art of casting a spell during the new moon phase, specifically using the gentle power of candle magick. So grab your white candle and let's embark on a spellbinding adventure of intention setting! The New […]

New Moon Herbal Blend Magick

Enter the mystical world of our handmade New Moon herbal blend, where magic and enchantment await. Created with intention and crafted with love, this celestial concoction is designed for the mystical arts of candle magick, incense, spellwork or charm bags. Prepare to ignite your magickal energy with a New Moon Charm enchanting blend! As you […]

Full Moon Eclipse Energy

  This Full Moon energy is ideal for focusing on personal growth and self-care.  I’ve noticed recently that some people hesitate to do any workings under the influence of an eclipse, but to me, that energy is simply another element to work with. I like to start, as I do with any working, by considering […]

New Moon Letter to Honor the Goddess

The New Moon is a powerful time for manifestation and setting intentions. As the moon enters a new phase, we too have the opportunity to start fresh and set our intentions for the upcoming cycle. In many spiritual traditions, the new moon is considered a time of renewal and rebirth, a time to connect with […]

Full Moon Growth

Let’s welcome the first Full Moon of Spring, with all its manifestation magickal energy! Spring represents growth and fertility, an excellent focus for a Moon in Full bloom. When the Full Moon is in bloom and bathes the world in its enchanting light, it gives us the opportunity to show our deep admiration for the […]

13 Ways to Use Moon Water

I’ve written about the process of making Moon Water but what do we do with it once it’s made?  There are so many uses, and I’m finding or discovering or even creating new uses all the time.  But I thought it’d be helpful to make a handy go-to list of ideas for using Moon Water. Honor […]

New Moon Magick: Crystal Cleansing

Why Cleanse Crystals at the New Moon? Energetically, the New Moon is a great time for setting intentions, for beginnings and initiating things into being. That same energy lends itself to cleansing crystals in preparation for manifesting those intentions. Each different type of crystal is aligned to a different energies depending on their crystalline structure […]