A Magickal Home

Just as our personal spaces are a reflection of ourselves, we can use the reflection of our personal spaces to become who we want to be.  

Empowered Magickal Home Decor: Awakening the Senses

When contemplating the selection of magickal elements for your home and personal spaces, have you considered the power of the senses in magickal home decor? As the founder and the magick behind Her Enchanted Creations, I'd love to share with you the deeper essence and intent of our magickal decor. It's not just about the […]

Magickal Decor: Why Empower Your Decor with Magick

Choosing magickal decor goes far beyond mere aesthetics. It can be a profound journey to imbue your living spaces with intention and energy. When you opt for magickal elements, you are essentially inviting specific energies to bring their enchantments into your home.

Intuitive Home Decor: Fill Your Home with Magickal Decor

Choosing Magickal Decor Pieces that Resonate with You Would you like to choose decor items that align perfectly with your personal energy and spiritual path?  At Her Enchanted Creations, we understand the importance of creating sacred space and infusing magick into your home, which is why we'd love to guide you on this enchanting quest. […]

Color Magick: Hidden Keys to Empowerment

Ever wondered how to harness the mystical power of colors in your magickal journey? Eager to dive into the world of color correspondences in magick and spellwork? Well, you're in for a treat because we're about to unravel the enchanting secrets of color magick! Dive into the Enchanting World of Color Magick Colors are the […]

The Art of Charging Crystal and Houseplant Decor

Elevate Your Sacred Space Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that merges the natural beauty of houseplants with the enchantment of crystals? Let’s delve into the magical realm of infusing intention into your Crystal and Wire Houseplant Decor, exploring the synergy between crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, moss agate, […]

Embrace the Enchantment: Witchy Houseplants to Enhance Your Sacred Space

Welcome to a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, where everyday greenery becomes the embodiment of magick. As a Wiccan priestess and the creative force behind Her Enchanted Creations, I invite you to explore the mystical, spiritual realm of Witchy Houseplants, plants that carry enchantment, magickal energy, and spiritual vibrations into your home. The […]

Sacred Space: Weaving Magick Through Colors, Scents, Sounds, and Decor

What does Sacred Space feel like? Imagine this: you turn the key, step over the threshold, and a wave of tranquility washes over you like a soft, enchanting mist. The very air seems to hum with serenity, wrapping around you like a cozy, ethereal cloak. As you traverse your space, each corner whispers of a […]

The Enchanted Art of Burning Loose Incense

In the realm of magick and spellwork, incense becomes the ethereal partner that bridges the material and spiritual worlds. As you embark on your magickal journey, consider the potent role of burning loose incense in your rituals. Just as each intention carries a unique energy, so does every blend of Her Enchanted Creations Loose Incense. […]

Embrace the Magick: 13 Crystals for Enchanting House Plant Magick

Welcome to the world of house plant magick! As lovers of all things mystical, we know that crystals possess powerful energies that can enhance the vitality and growth of our green companions. Whether you're a seasoned plant witch or a curious beginner, these 13 enchanting crystals will infuse your house plants with the perfect blend […]

Ignite Your Magick: Unveiling the Power of Herbal Candle Magick

Candle magick is a beautiful, empowering form of focusing energy and will to bring about a desired outcome. Envision lighting a candle, the elemental flame dancing in harmony with the surrounding air. The wax slowly melting, releasing the bewitching fragrance of your chosen herbs. Herbal Candle Magick adds the power of herbs to bring yet […]

New Moon Herbal Blend Magick

Enter the mystical world of our handmade New Moon herbal blend, where magic and enchantment await. Created with intention and crafted with love, this celestial concoction is designed for the mystical arts of candle magick, incense, spellwork or charm bags. Prepare to ignite your magickal energy with a New Moon Charm enchanting blend! As you […]

13 Ways to Use Moon Water

I’ve written about the process of making Moon Water but what do we do with it once it’s made?  There are so many uses, and I’m finding or discovering or even creating new uses all the time.  But I thought it’d be helpful to make a handy go-to list of ideas for using Moon Water. Honor […]