Crystal Love

Explore the high vibration magick of crystals and all the powerful energy they can add to your home.

The Art of Charging Crystal and Houseplant Decor

Elevate Your Sacred Space Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that merges the natural beauty of houseplants with the enchantment of crystals? Let’s delve into the magical realm of infusing intention into your Crystal and Wire Houseplant Decor, exploring the synergy between crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, moss agate, […]

Embrace the Magick: 13 Crystals for Enchanting House Plant Magick

Welcome to the world of house plant magick! As lovers of all things mystical, we know that crystals possess powerful energies that can enhance the vitality and growth of our green companions. Whether you're a seasoned plant witch or a curious beginner, these 13 enchanting crystals will infuse your house plants with the perfect blend […]

New Moon Magick: Crystal Cleansing

Why Cleanse Crystals at the New Moon? Energetically, the New Moon is a great time for setting intentions, for beginnings and initiating things into being. That same energy lends itself to cleansing crystals in preparation for manifesting those intentions. Each different type of crystal is aligned to a different energies depending on their crystalline structure […]

Moon Water: To Make, To Store, To Use

Moon Water is one of the simplest, yet most versatilely powerful, magical tools there is.   Moon Water can be made at the New Moon, the Full Moon, the Dark Moon, the Blue Moon, etc, and each one will carry the energy of the Moon’s power that charges it. The making of Moon Water is […]

Meditation Focal Points

I’d estimate that there are as many ways to meditate as there are people who meditate.  No once size style has to fit all. There’s sound meditation.  Sometimes that means meditating to music, or to the sound of a trickling fountain.  It could mean following a guided meditation or the hypnotic sound of a drum. […]

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Any time is a good time for crystals, IMO.  But with Mercury in retrograde from May 10 through June 2, these are some particular ones that I’ll be using to stay balanced and on track.

Magick Crystal Ink

  Today, magickal ink is readily available for purchase from numerous sources.  But in the way back when, olden days when I first began working, magick lived in the hushed shadows, tools and ingredients were quite challenging to find, and recipes were found in old, crackling yellow-paged books. Over the years, I’ve made, or tried […]

Apothecary Intention Blends

A little of this, a little of that, a dollop of magick, and voila, a blend is born.  Herbal blends are a lovely tool for magick and intention.  They can be simple, or complex.  Two herbs or twenty, with or without essential oils, ground crystals or any other esoteric ingredients. The choice is up to […]

Plants Love Clear Quartz

I love crystals!!  Whether they’re set in jewelry, displayed in decor, employed to energize a space, used in healing or aiding in spellwork, I truly believe that life is always better with crystals. Which is one of the reasons I’ve made crystals a focus in Her Enchanted Creations, and why I thought it’d be fun […]

Solar Crystal Charging

More often than not, I charge my crystals under the light of the full moon.  But some crystals cry out to be charged by the light of the sun.  Especially on the Summer Solstice, when the Sun’s power is at its height. I set my crystals out in the blazing Summer sun, along with some […]

Amethyst and Plants

Nothing goes better together with the growing beauty of plants than their natural partners, crystals from the earth!  Crystals each bring a special energy, a vibration, if you will, to the plants and to the people around them.  And for those who aren’t as into the energy idea, the simple beauty of the crystals is […]

Plant Jewelry

Your plants deserve the healing energy of crystals! Accent and grow your houseplants over a gorgeous copper trellis or accented with a darling copper plant stake. Not only lovely, but also energized with the power of a crystal or stone. Long believed to enhance the growth and health of plants, crystals and stones bring an […]