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Welcome to Her Enchanted Creations, where magick, spirituality, and creativity come together. Here, you’ll find more than just handcrafted items—you'll discover inspiration, guidance, and a deeper connection to the world of magick.

Her Enchanted Creations is dedicated to helping you lead a more spiritual and balanced life.  All of the items in our shop, from the  magical home decor, crystal pendulums to the copper-wire charms, herbal blends, and more, are carefully handcrafted, blessed, and cleansed to bring positive energy into your life.

Explore the blog, Magickal Musings, for insightful posts that cover a range of topics, from simple magickal practices to deeper explorations of spirituality. 

Thank you for visiting. Blessed Be, and enjoy your stay!

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Mystical, witchy gifts, decor and tools. Created with love, joy and a little bit of magick, each item is intuitively designed with materials chosen for their specific energies to bring a little more magick into each and every day.

Magick Home Decor

Discover our Magick Home Decor collection, where wall decor, window hangings, sun catchers, apothecary jars, wood signs, and altar decor come to life with handmade, intuitively crafted, and magick-infused artistry. Each piece resonates with the essence of magick, designed to transform your living spaces into sacred realms. Welcome to a world of whimsy and spiritual delight – embrace the magick today! 

Herbal Magick

Explore our handmade herbal blends, alluring loose incense, spell components, and ritual tools, each intuitively crafted and brimming with magickal energy. Whether you're an experienced practitioner or a novice on your mystical journey, our treasures will elevate your spiritual practice. Dive into the enchantment of nature with us and let your magickal path flourish! 

Magick Plant Decor

Our Magick House Plant Decor collection is a botanical haven, where crystal plant trellises, plant stakes adorned with bewitching crystals, witchy plant stakes, and whimsical wire plant words come to life. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, designed to enhance your indoor garden and empower your beloved plants with magickal energy. 

Magickal Musings

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Solar Crystal Charging

Solar Crystal Charging

More often than not, I charge my crystals under the light of the full moon. But some crystals cry out to be charged by the light of the sun, especially on the Summer Solstice, when the Sun’s power is at its height. Litha, also known as the Summer Solstice, marks the...

Apothecary Herbal Blends

Apothecary Herbal Blends

A little of this, a little of that, a dollop of magick, and voila, a blend is born.  Herbal blends are a lovely tool for magick and intention.  They can be simple, or complex.  Two herbs or twenty, with or without essential oils, ground crystals or any other esoteric...

Enchanted Prosperity Jar Spell: A Guide to Abundance

Enchanted Prosperity Jar Spell: A Guide to Abundance

Welcome to the magickal world of prosperity! Creating an Enchanted Prosperity Jar is a powerful way to attract abundance and financial well-being into your life. Whether you’re new to spellwork or an experienced practitioner, this simple yet effective ritual can help...