Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, falls on August 1st.  This is the first of three harvest festivals, a time to celebrate bringing in the grain.  It’s also a time to ask the Goddess and God for blessings and protection for the challenges brought by the waning times.  Personal focuses include honing up on skills, personal development and divining where protection might be helpful in times to come.


Lammas Correspondence Chart

It’s almost time to celebrate the first harvest of this year. Think of everything you’ve been working toward, the progress you’ve made and consider all of the ways you’d like to celebrate.  Here’s a Lammas Correspondence Chart to inspire ideas for celebrations, spellwork and rituals

Blessed Lammas Wishes

As we travel the Wheel of the Year, we’ve left the height of the Summer Solstice energy with it’s bright energy that fuels our ambitions and shines light on all of the possibilities and goals we’re working on to arrive at Lammas. While Lammas is the first of three harvest celebrations, most of us probably […]